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Spring 2024 Product Updates

Written by
Zack Lock
May 31, 2024

As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, we’re excited to share some exciting new features and improvements we’ve made to the OuterSpatial platform. Over the last quarter, our team has been hard at work, listening to your feedback and implementing updates to make our platform better than ever. Here’s a comprehensive look at what we released this spring.


This quarter, North Dakota Parks and Recreation launched in the North Dakota community, and we also launched a new San Francisco community!

Share Current Location & Get Directions

The OuterSpatial app now gives your visitors more ways to navigate your parks and trails! When they tap on the dot that represents their current location on any map (or long tap on any arbitrary location), they’ll see a “Share” button that allows them to quickly share the selection point and a “Directions” button that hands off their selection point to their navigation app of choice.

Create a Report Tool

We’re thrilled to introduce the Create a Report tool. This new feature empowers your visitors to report conditions, hazards, and incidents directly within the OuterSpatial app. Whether it’s an icy trail, a downed tree, or other critical on-the-ground information, they can easily share it with other visitors and your organization, helping keep everyone informed and safe.

Redesigned App Onboarding

Getting started with the OuterSpatial app is now more personalized than ever. Our redesigned onboarding flow allows your visitors to save their lifestyle and activity preferences right from the start. This means they’ll receive customized recommendations and a tailored experience that matches their interests and activities, encouraging more engagement with your areas, trails, points of interest, and outings.

Access to Challenge Reports for Organization Staff

For our partner organizations, we’ve added a much-requested feature. Staff members can now access challenge participation and response reports directly from within the OuterSpatial app. This makes it easier to track participation, gather insights, and engage with your community effectively, helping you create more impactful programs and events.

Other Noteworthy Updates

As far as improvements go, there are too many to list everything. But here’s an incomplete list of the more notable product improvements our team made this quarter:

  • Website Improvements: We recently finished a complete rebuild of the website. This rebuild includes major internal improvements that pave the way for a slew of exciting new features coming soon!
  • Create a Review: Visitors can now rate and review your areas, trails, points of interest, and outings to share feedback in a structured way and help other visitors plan their next adventure.
  • Spanish Labels: As the first step towards full localization of our visitor-facing product components, user interface elements in OuterSpatial iOS now automatically show their Spanish language translations if Spanish is the active language in the phone settings.
  • Interactive Elevation Charts: Visitors can now tap and slide on trail and outing elevation charts to see the corresponding location on the preview map.
  • Mute an Account: Visitors can “mute” the accounts of other visitors to remove check-ins, posts, reviews, and reports from their view.
  • Change Email Tool: Previously, visitors had to contact our support team to update the email address associated with their OuterSpatial account. They can now use the new change email tool to do this on their own.
  • Improved “Me” Tab: The “Me” tab now contains a “Preferences” section visitors can use to update their lifestyle and activity preferences. We’ve also consolidated check-ins, posts, reviews, and reports into a single “Social” section that includes a filter tool to drill down to a specific post type.
  • Delete a Challenge Response: Visitors can now quickly and easily delete a challenge response and any attached post.
  • Community Loading Improvements: We continue to improve the community loading process to make it as efficient and stable as possible. Recent updates mean more data is pulled down for usage while the app is offline, even while continuing to improve community loading times.
  • Social Filter Tool: A new filter tool on social screens throughout the app makes it easy for visitors to drill down to a specific post type.
  • Share a Challenge: Sharing a challenge is now as easy as pressing a single button.
  • Offline Improvements for Android: OuterSpatial iOS has long supported offline functionality for challenges and create tools. This quarter, however, we rolled out this same functionality for Android.


We’re committed to continually improving our platform to enhance your visitors’ experiences and make OuterSpatial more useful for your organization. We can’t wait for you and your visitors to try out these new features, and we look forward to your feedback. Together, let’s make outdoor adventures better for everyone!

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