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Curate your parks and recreation information for mobile and get it into your visitors' hands.

Your Parks and Recreation CMS

Our web-based content management system, Manager, helps your organization better engage with its visitors. Are trails open to dogs? Are there closures or access issues? Speak directly to your visitors and give them more than just a map.
A laptop with OuterSpatial Manager open to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park page. Next to the laptop is an official alert for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, written by The National Park Service and an event thumbnail for a volunteer day.

Why OuterSpatial

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Go Mobile

Use the power of Mobile to engage with your visitors on a deeper level.
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Send Alerts

Let visitors know when a trail is closed or when there’s an emergency.
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Data Insights

Use visitor analytics to improve your decision making.
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Build Your Brand

Increase exposure to your brand by getting it in front of more visitors.

Publish Your Data to Mobile

Take the expensive and hard to maintain out of a mobile app. OuterSpatial takes care of the technical details and lets you publish your data straight to your visitors.
An illustration of a woman walking with her phone and the OuterSpatial logo. In the background are trees, some clouds and a trailhead sign.

Send Alerts and Updates

Open up a two way communication stream. Send messages and alerts to visitors and let them post photos, check-ins, and reports while on-the-ground in your park or on your trail.
An illustration of a man standing next to a phone and browser window. In the browser is a map with some icons and trails.

Inform Your Planning

Leverage anonymized information from app users to gain powerful insights into your visitors' behavior and make data-driven decisions to improve the overall park experience.
An illustration of a map holding a pie chart, wearing a national park uniform. Next to him is a browser with some web analytics illustrations.

Build a Recognizable Brand

Get your organization in front of as many eyes as possible. Increase your mailing list subscriptions and donations, and position your organization as a staple in the community.
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Hear It From Our Customers

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OuterSpatial enabled us to aggregate and improve the accuracy of Napa County’s recreation assets, and now our visitors have current and updated information on all of the County’s parks, trails, and campgrounds via a modern interactive app.
John Woodbury
General Manager
Napa Open Space District
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OuterSpatial allowed us to improve the accuracy of over 370 miles of the Ridge Trail, publish our trail into a modern native mobile map and app with many new features for our visitors and enables our staff to easily manage all of our data online.
Janet McBride
Executive Director
Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
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They helped us aggregate, clean up and publish accurate and authoritative data for the participating California State Parks and then trained our staff on how to manage content as needed. We look forward to continuing our partnership with OuterSpatial!
Alex Stehl
Roads and Trails Program Manager
California State Parks

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