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OuterSpatial Aides in Massachusetts Search and Rescue Efforts

Written by
Zack Lock
October 20, 2021

A missing boy in Lincoln, Massachusetts was found safely within hours of going missing in the Lincoln Forest. The hiker that found the little boy was using OuterSpatial to map his hike. Before all the search and rescue efforts could come into full effect, Lincoln law enforcement and public safety received a call from the hiker that located the missing child off one of the trails near Flint’s Pond. The hiker used OuterSpatial’s advanced mapping system to provide his exact geolocation and nearby points of interest to local search and rescue officials, allowing them to quickly locate the hiker and boy before nightfall.

“One result of the incident: all the town’s firefighters have now downloaded the Outerspatial (sic) app to their phones to help in future cases of people lost in Lincoln’s woods.” — The Lincoln Squirrel

An often overlooked part of outdoor recreation is public safety. Here at OuterSpatial, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the public a safe and accurate resource that can be utilized while out in parks to recreate and enjoy being outside. Congratulations to the Lincoln Police, Fire, and Public Safety on a quick and speedy operation, and thank you to Lincoln Land Conservation Trust for providing your community a safe and fun way to enjoy the outdoors through OuterSpatial!

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