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Organization-focused Improvements for Manager

Written by
Nate Irwin
January 13, 2021

We’re excited to announce some new features we recently rolled out for OuterSpatial Manager. We designed these features specifically to support your Organization as it walks through the process of getting up-and-running in OuterSpatial — from onboarding into Manager to creating content to engaging with Visitors and marketing your app.


Log in to OuterSpatial Manager now and you'll see your new Organization Dashboard. The Dashboard currently contains two sections:

  1. A checklist of To Do items to help your team onboard into OuterSpatial and find success as quickly as possible. This checklist is dynamic, and will update as your Organization utilizes OuterSpatial in different ways.
  2. A section that highlights recent product updates made to OuterSpatial Manager and Mobile so you can stay on top of the latest improvements.

Visitor Analytics

Your Organization can now download up-to-date Visitor Analytics in OuterSpatial Manager, on-demand. These analytics give your team access to anonymized, but detailed, information on how Visitors are interacting with your data and content in OuterSpatial. Your Organization can use this critical context to track trends and prioritize further data and content work.

This first release of Visitor Analytics includes two canned reports: One that contains Community-level usage data and another that lays out detail on how Visitors are engaging with your Organization’s "screens" in OuterSpatial. We plan on adding more reports in the near future, so stay tuned!

You can find Visitor Analytics in the Organization > Analytics section of Manager.


The new Campaigns functionality in Manager makes it easy for your Organization to create deep links, with associated QR codes, to use in its marketing campaigns. We recommend creating Campaigns if you plan on doing any type of marketing, be it via print, on the web, or through your Organization’s social media accounts.

If you’re not familiar with deep links, you can read more about them in our Campaigns help article. You can create and manage Campaigns in the Organization > Campaigns section of Manager.

Improved Team Management

Previously, your Organization had to reach out to our Customer Success team to invite new team members. We’ve now opened this functionality up to members of your team who are designated as Admins.

We’ve also enhanced the team management page to highlight how many team member spots are available under your Organization’s OuterSpatial license and surfaced the Invite status for each team member so you can see who has accepted their invite to Manager.

You can manage your Organization’s team in the Organization > Team section of Manager.

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