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January 2022 Product Updates

Written by
Nate Irwin
January 12, 2022

Happy new year! This post highlights some of the improvements we made across the OuterSpatial product over the past month.


OuterSpatial was used to run California State Parks’ “First Day Hikes 2022” challenge on January 1st. We leveraged this event as an opportunity to double down on the challenges feature in our product, working our way through a series of incremental iterations. The improvements introduced will pay dividends for all our organization partners who want to run their challenges on OuterSpatial:

  • A redesign of the challenge screen, and associated child screens, in Mobile to shore up the user experience.
  • Support for start and end dates (aka ”Upcoming” and “Expired” challenges).
  • Clear language and iconography to communicate to the visitor the requirements to participate in a particular challenge. For instance, if location access is required or if their email will be shared with the hosting organization.
  • Surface challenges on related area, trail, point of interest, and outing screens in Mobile.
  • Ability to sort check-in challenge tasks on the challenge screen by either proximity to the visitor’s location or alphabetically.

If you’re interested in learning more about challenges in OuterSpatial, take a look at two related knowledge base articles: Creating Challenges (for the organization perspective) and Participating in Challenges (for the visitor perspective).


Another product focus over the last month was making outings more useful for both organizations and visitors. You can now do the following in OuterSpatial Manager:

  • Attach an outing to one or more area.
  • Set organization stewardships (managers and partners) on an outing.
  • Open and close an outing.
  • Set a route type (“One-way”, “Loop”, or “Out-and-back”) on an outing.
  • Set a difficulty (”Beginner”, “Intermediate”, or “Expert”) on an outing.

We encourage you to jump into Manager to update your organization’s outings with these new properties. As always, the updates you make will surface to visitors in Mobile and Web.


Since we sent our last update in the middle of December 2021, we pushed 19 releases across the OuterSpatial product, including:

  • 5 releases of Manager
  • 9 releases of Mobile (4 Android and 5 iOS)
  • 2 releases of Web
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