Product Updates

February 2022 Product Updates

Written by
Nate Irwin
February 23, 2022

Over the last month, we focused on foundational work to pave the way for some big new features as well as pushing forward smaller, more incremental, improvements to our product. Here’s a list that highlights some of the improvements made:

  • Visitors can now sign up for an OuterSpatial account, or log in to their existing account, directly from the website. We plan to tackle publicly-available visitor profiles next.
  • Organizations can now create bulletin board items in OuterSpatial Manager that link to organizations and challenges.
  • We cleaned up the display for area, trail, and point of interest detail maps in both OuterSpatial iOS and Android. For instance, now when you view an area detail map in the mobile app, you’ll see all of the area’s “child” trails and points of interest on the map. This lays the groundwork for one of our most highly-requested features, interactive (e.g. ”tappable”) location detail maps, which we plan to roll out soon!

We also released some enhancements specifically for the iOS app that we’ll soon make available in Android:

  • A rebuilt loading experience that dramatically improves the initial load time for communities and paves the way for coming improvements to the app’s offline functionality. In fact, performance improved so much we were able to remove the incremental loading messages altogether!
  • Long textual descriptions throughout the app now utilize a “Read More” tool to improve legibility and usability.
  • A condensed, horizontally-scrolling control for displaying elevation stats (like max/min elevation, ascent/descent, etc.) for trails and outings.
  • Support for downloading a GPX file of an outing so it can be “passed off” to your GPS recording app of choice.

We have a slew of improvements we're planning to get out in time for the busy spring/summer season, and we'll of course let you know about them here as soon as they're ready. As always, if you have feedback or questions we’d love to hear from you! You can email our customer success team at

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