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Enhance Visitor Experiences with OuterSpatial and what3words

Written by
Nate Irwin
April 30, 2024

We're excited to announce our partnership with what3words, marking a significant milestone in our mission to empower organizations to deliver exceptional outdoor experiences.

With what3words integrated into the OuterSpatial platform, parks and recreation organizations can now provide their visitors with seamless navigation solutions like never before. Leveraging what3words' cutting-edge location technology, visitors can easily discover hidden gems and remote trails using just three simple words. Plus, with what3words addresses for over 40,000 points of interest across the US seamlessly integrated into OuterSpatial, organizations can offer their visitors a streamlined experience for planning and navigating their outdoor adventures.

But the benefits of this partnership extend beyond navigation. what3words technology is also utilized by emergency services worldwide for swift location identification, enhancing safety in outdoor environments.

We're committed to empowering organizations to provide the best possible outdoor experiences for their communities. Join us in embracing this game-changing partnership and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance visitor experiences with OuterSpatial and what3words.

Read more about how to use what3words in OuterSpatial on our visitors blog.

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