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December 2021 Product Updates

Written by
Nate Irwin
December 14, 2021

We've made some significant improvements to the OuterSpatial product over the last month, so we decided to sneak in one last update before 2022 gets here.

Manager Rebuild

After months of hard work, we're happy to announce that OuterSpatial Manager v2 is now live at! We've rebuilt Manager from scratch using the latest technology to improve performance, stability, and usability.

You may not notice any huge changes in the user interface, but you'll definitely notice that loads and saves are much (!) snappier. This rebuild also lays the groundwork for some exciting new features we plan to roll out in the coming months.

Passwordless Authentication

We recently migrated to a new authentication service to improve security, and this migration gave us the opportunity to add support for passwordless authentication. If you're not familiar with passwordless authentication, in a nutshell it allows users to log in without having to remember a password. So, going forward, you'll log in to your OuterSpatial account by first entering your email address and then entering a verification code that's emailed to you.

This is not only a massive usability improvement; it also greatly reduces security risks.

We've already made passwordless authentication available in OuterSpatial Manager and iOS, and OuterSpatial Android will get it later this week. You can read more about passwordless here.

Other Improvements

As usual, we also made a number of smaller, more incremental improvements to our product:

  • You can now "Archive" locations in Manager. Locations that are archived will no longer appear in OuterSpatial's visitor-facing client (iOS, Android, and Web), but they will still appear in Manager and in Visitor Analytics exports. This has long been one of our most highly-requested features. We hope you enjoy it!
  • OuterSpatial iOS and Android now support push notifications. For now, we plan on using push notifications sparingly, but we will eventually use them to give your organization new and exciting ways to engage with its visitors.
  • We made significant improvements to the Community Gallery in OuterSpatial Android. Communities now sort based on proximity to the device's current location if the app has been granted location access.

And lastly, as always, we continued to refine and improve all components of our product. In total, we published nine releases since the last product update went out. (Link to detailed release notes here: Manager, Web, and Mobile.)

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