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Create a Report Tool

Written by
Zack Lock
May 22, 2024

We’re excited to introduce a powerful new feature in our app — the Create a Report tool. This innovative tool enables visitors to share detailed, on-the-ground information about trail conditions, hazards, and incidents, providing your organization with invaluable insights to enhance park management and maintenance.

Here's how it works: When visitors are out exploring and encounter something notable, they can simply open the OuterSpatial app, tap the “Create” button, and tap the new "Report" button. They can then quickly submit reports on trail conditions (crowdedness, muddy patches, icy sections, bug issues), hazards (downed trees blocking the path, missing trail signs), or incidents (encounters with aggressive wildlife or off-leash dogs).

These reports populate in the app, visible to other visitors and, importantly, accessible to your organization. This real-time data stream allows you to monitor and analyze visitation patterns, identify pressing maintenance needs, and prioritize resource allocation more effectively.

By leveraging this tool, your organization can:

- Enhance Visitor Experience: Gain insights into current trail conditions and potential hazards, allowing your organization to make informed decisions to improve visitor safety and enjoyment.

- Optimize Maintenance Efforts: Identify and prioritize maintenance tasks based on real-time reports from visitors, ensuring that resources are directed where they are most needed.

- Foster Community Engagement: Encourage visitors to participate in the stewardship of their favorite outdoor places, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility.

The Create a Report tool transforms visitors into active participants in the stewardship process, providing them with an easy way to communicate issues and conditions they observe during their outdoor adventures. This collaboration not only improves the overall experience for all visitors but also supports your mission to maintain safe, well-maintained, and enjoyable outdoor spaces.

Before your next busy season, ensure your team is familiar with the Create a Report tool. By integrating this tool into your operational strategy, you can harness the power of community-sourced data to elevate your stewardship of parks and trails. We look forward to seeing how your organization utilizes this new feature to enhance its management practices and support the outdoor community. Together, we can make outdoor experiences safer and more enjoyable for everyone!

Explore the Future of Park Stewardship with OuterSpatial

Update your OuterSpatial app today and start leveraging the Create a Report tool to transform how your organization manages and maintains its outdoor recreation assets. Join us on this exciting journey to harness community power for the betterment of our natural treasures!

(Attribution for the downed tree photo used above: Image by Freepik)

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