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Know Before You Go

Check alerts and posts beforehand to get the latest information about closures, status, and conditions.
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An illustration of a woman, holding an event thumbnail, and surrounded by other event thumbnails. Event thumbnails show the date, name and time of the event, along with a photo.

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Connect to your local outdoor community. Volunteer, enter challenges, or attend a group activity near you.

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How It Works

An illustration of an official park employee sitting at a desk. At the desk is a computer, with a dashed line connecting it to a mobile phone.
Parks and recreation owner, manager, and partner organizations use OuterSpatial to publish their parks and recreation information into the app.
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Visitors of outdoor places find new adventures. In return, they share information about their experiences — such as photos, hazards, and survey responses.
A woman holding an image in front of a mobile phone with other images. In the background is a dashed line and paper plane, and OuterSpatial logo.
OuterSpatial shares that information with its partner organizations to help them make the best decisions possible as they work to improve your favorite parks and trails.